How To Get A Job Easy Methods 2020

Hello Guys, Today We Are Going To Describe That How To Get A Job.

Why To Get Job? Off course we are getting job for work and money, there are many benefits of job which are profotitable.

How To Apply For A Job? First you need to see where are the jobs and how much vacancies are available then you need a forum through that forum you can apply for job.

How To Fill Job Forum? After getting that forum need to see that form there are many things which are required like phone number, address, cnic number ETC,
You need to fill that with you information if they are asking for phone number then give them phone number if they are asking for address then give address like that which thing they are asking give them.

How To submit Form? After Filling The Form You Need To Goto any Bank and there you will give that form to accountent then he will deduct your challan then you been selected for job test.

When we are called for job test? We are called for job test which will fixed on the fixed place w…

How To Create A YouTube Channel In Mobile (2020)

There are many persons who are making money online from youtube, even they are making millions and also you can earn just learn how creating a YouTube channel.

Create A YouTube Channel

If you want to earn money with YouTube than a YouTube account is essential where you upload videos. Before you create a YouTube channel you need to create a Gmail id which is easy to create I hope Avery's body already one. Now let's see how to create a YouTube channel. Open the YouTube app and right side top you will find the aviator click on that after clicking on the avatar you will see that it will ask to login with Gmail id. Login with Gmail id after it will ask from you that set up a YouTube channel. After setting up a YouTube channel you will see the dashboard will open where you will find your channel logo, about, videos, playlist, and more.

Chose A Niche On YouTube

Once you created a YouTube channel you need to find a niche in which you are an expert. Suppose I'm a blogger and my audience that how to earn money online then this is my niche. I will upload videos in which I will tell my subscribers how to make money online with freelancing and blogging, online courses, and many more. Like this, you can also choose a niche in which you are an expert. Now, after choosing a niche take the camera or mobile recorder and then start recording videos for your YouTube channel.

Edit Videos Before Uploading On YouTube

Make your videos perfect before you upload them to YouTube. If you have a smartphone than I will suggest two apps that are required for every YouTuber.

  1. Powerdirector
  2. Kinemaster

Kinemaster is one of the best editing apps for mobile this is free and easy to use I will prefer you to use this for editing videos on mobile. First of all, install this app from the play store or from chrome and then chose a project. Select video and then start editing once you finished editing video simply export that video for uploading on YouTube.

How To Earn Money By Uploading Videos On YouTube

There are two best ways to earn money from YouTube.

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Monetize YouTube

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn money. All you need to do is record a video on a particular product, suppose I'm selling accessories than I will create a video on accessories and then upload it on YouTube and the video description I will add my affiliate link through this I can also make money without the monetization.

Monetize YouTube
Monetizing YouTube channels is a little bit tuff but not impossible. Create the first 20 videos and upload daily one video daily. Through this process, you can get more views. Before publishing videos you need video SEO strategy through that you can get more views on your videos. Select SEO friendly title and description with SEO Friendly Tags. Once you did it simply share that video on social media and increase views. 4k Watch time hours and 1k subscribers needed to monetize YouTube channel.


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