How To Get A Job Easy Methods 2020

Hello Guys, Today We Are Going To Describe That How To Get A Job.

Why To Get Job? Off course we are getting job for work and money, there are many benefits of job which are profotitable.

How To Apply For A Job? First you need to see where are the jobs and how much vacancies are available then you need a forum through that forum you can apply for job.

How To Fill Job Forum? After getting that forum need to see that form there are many things which are required like phone number, address, cnic number ETC,
You need to fill that with you information if they are asking for phone number then give them phone number if they are asking for address then give address like that which thing they are asking give them.

How To submit Form? After Filling The Form You Need To Goto any Bank and there you will give that form to accountent then he will deduct your challan then you been selected for job test.

When we are called for job test? We are called for job test which will fixed on the fixed place w…

How To Share Files Through MX Player 2020

Hello guys today I am going to tell you how to share files through MX Player.

How To Share Files  Through MX Player 2020

First of all you need to download MX player from Play Store or chrome browser then you need to find it and install in your phone.

Full Process To Set Up MX Player!

Now simply open the MX Player now click on mobile
Icon no you need to open I'm at the motel in which you want to share files apk would use it easy
First of all we need to go to settings now you should open the mobile fitting hotspot and then open the bluetooth after that one thing you should open it that you are Wi-Fi connection now you need to switch to another mobile and in which mobile you can open wi-Fi and connect with support opened by another device no simply connected
Now you can share files with your other friends mobile before that you need to connect with each other Wi-Fi if you done everything.

How To Create Groups?

Now simply click on create a group and another mobile select join a group after that mobile you will be seeing the QR Barcode and another mobile you will be asked QR code scanner option then the QR code other mobile then it will automatically connected now you can send everything with you want APK files videos.
If you are facing any problem not device connecting or another problem you can simply go to Play Store and update your mx player in both of your mobile then it works 100%.
The MX Player sharing speed is not so much good quality is better strongly suggest you to use shareit or zapya.


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